2016 1/10 oz Gold Mercury Dime Offered by U.S. Mint

This week one product in particular caught our eye; the 2016 1/10 oz U.S. Mint Mercury Dime Gold Coin. This is a commemorative coin, celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Mercury Dime’s introduction to circulation in 1916. The Mercury Dime is today considered one of the most collectible U.S. circulation coins in American history.

Originally these coins were made of 90% silver at the time of being released. Earlier this year, the U.S. Mint decided to celebrate this historic dime by introducing a 1/10th oz commemorative coin in .9999 fine gold. The coins have been minted in limited numbers to appeal to collectors more so than investors.

The 1/10 oz Gold Mercury Dime commemorative coin is set to be one of three designs released this year. The series will be known as the U.S. Mint Centennial Series. Other coins set to be featured in this series in 2016 include the Standing Liberty Quarter and Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

The coins were designed by one of the most famous coin sculptors in U.S. history; Adolph A Weinman. Weinman was renowned for his artwork and sculpting skills, which have been featured on several U.S. coins throughout history, particularly in the early 1900s. He designed such coins as the Walking Liberty Half Dollar which was released around the same time as the Mercury Dime. Many of his designs continue to be admired by collectors to this day, and have went on to inspire other notable engravers and sculptors.

2016 1/10 oz Mercury Dime Gold Coin Design

Sticking to the original design, the 2016 1/10 oz Mercury Dime Gold Coins have the same $0.10 legal tender value which is backed by the U.S. Government. They also have an exactly replicated design, with the exception of a weight and purity stamp to denote the gold content. The coins contain .9999 fine gold (24k or 99.99% pure). Because of the 1/10 oz weight, they are also similar in size to the original dime.

On the obverse, these gold coins have the original image of Lady Liberty from the neck up. This design has also been referred to as the “Winged Liberty Head Dime” because Lady Liberty has wings on the sides of her head. The word “Liberty” and “In God We Trust” encircle her image. Each coin is struck at the West Point Mint, and include a “W” mintmark above the date stamp.


The reverse shows a bundle of arrows at its center, with olive branches surrounding it to symbolize peace, strength and unity. An additional mintmark is stamped here, with the markings “AU 24K 1/10 oz.”


U.S. Mint Packaging

These coins come encased in a plastic protector to guard against wear and tear. In addition to a capsule, the coins also come in a black display box direct from the mint.  A certificate of authenticity is included inside each box. To purchase these beautiful coins, visit GoldenEagleCoin.com where they are currently in stock and come with free shipping.