2016 5 oz Harpers Ferry ATB Silver Coin Release

harpers-ferry-atb-silver-coinThis week we are focusing on silver, and one of the newest coins from the America the Beautiful series. This series has been one of the most popular silver coin programs from the US Mint in recent years. Every year, four new designs are released which celebrate one U.S. National Park or historical event each. On the schedule for July 14th 2016 is the Harpers Ferry National Park Silver Coin. This is the 33rd release from the America the Beautiful program, and is already being well received.

Harpers Ferry Coin Purity and Weight

The 2016 5 oz Harpers Ferry ATB Silver Coin will be minted in Philadelphia like all other coins in the program, and this one features a design which commemorates John Brown’s Fort in West Virginia. At Harpers Ferry, where the fort calls home, the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers diverge. This makes it one of the more unique areas of America.

Like all coins from the ATB program, the Harpers Ferry coin is cast in .999 fine silver and weighs five troy ounces. The coins also have a $0.25 legal tender value in the United States. They will be set and released in uncirculated condition, with certified and proof coins being expected later on this year. The mint also offers singular brilliant uncirculated coins that come with a COA and special case direct from the mint.

Harpers Ferry Silver Coin Obverse

On the coin’s obverse face is the traditional George Washington bust, as seen on all other ATB silver coins as well as the Washington Quarter Dollar. The coins actually feature an exact replica of the standard U.S. quarter obverse. It includes George Washington at the center with the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” above. The words “LIBERTY” and phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” are listed to his left and right side respectively.
Underneath is the legal tender value which is indicated as “QUARTER DOLLAR.” A “P” mintmark is also stamped to his right underneath the “IN GOD WE TRUST” insignia to identify the mint from which the coin comes from. The mintmark is only stamped onto brilliant uncirculated coins purchased from the mint, while most bullion quality coins do not have this feature, though they still come from the Philadelphia Mint.

Harpers Ferry Silver Coin Reverse

The Harpers Ferry reverse face is decorated with an intricately drawn image of John Brown’s Fort in Harpers Ferry, WV. Above the scene from Harpers Ferry are the words “HARPERS FERRY” with “2016” marked below the image. To the left, the state is identified; spelled out as “WEST VIRGINIA.” To the right reads “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

ATB Coin Minting Information

Currently, the only mint capable of manufacturing the America the Beautiful Coins is the US Mint’s Philadelphia branch. This is thanks to new coin presses being installed here in 2010 which are capable of minting the strange 5 oz coin weight. When purchasing the bullion uncirculated coins, they come in tubes of 10 coins per, or monster boxes of 100 coins (10 tubes of 10 coins).

Buying Harpers Ferry Silver Coins

The brilliant uncirculated coins are only offered direct from the U.S. Mint and a few certified dealers. When shopping online you are more likely to come across bullion coins, which do not come with a COA. You can buy these coins today at GoldenEagleCoin.com/Harpers-Ferry/ for just $3.39/oz over spot price.