2017 American Gold Eagles to be Released in January

2017-american-gold-eagle-frontEach year, collectors and investors in the United States eagerly wait until January to get their hands on the new year’s American Eagle Gold Coins, which are released by the US Mint sometime around January 14th-20th. This year, the mint is expected to start distributing Gold Eagles to dealers sometime in mid-January.

The Gold Eagles usually start to ship out from dealers who sell the coins at the retail level around January 20th, but most dealers (online and otherwise) offer them on pre-sale. This simply means you can secure them at today’s price, with delivery scheduled for a date in the future, when they are in stock. If buying the coins online, it will do you well to double check the expected shipping date to get a better idea of when the dealer plans to have them in their stock.

2017 Coin Weights & Mint Packaging

Keeping with tradition, the 2017 American Gold Eagle Coins will be produced by the United States Mint in the same weights of 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 oz with 22k (91.67% purity), with the coins containing their marked weight in pure gold. Coins can usually be purchased from Gold Dealers in their original mint sealed tubes if you desire, with the following quantities:

Gold Eagle Tube Quantities

  • 1/10 oz: 50 coins to a roll
  • 1/4 oz: 40 coins to a roll
  • 1/2 oz: 20 coins to a roll
  • 1 oz: 10 coins to a roll

2017 Gold Eagle Design

The design for the 2017 American Gold Eagle will also be kept the same as years past with the same artwork that investors have come to love. It will feature Adolph Weinman’s lady liberty design on its obverse side with the eagle emblem engraved on the reverse side.

Proof and Collector Gold Eagles for 2017

It is unclear when the Proof Gold Eagle will be released at this time, but it is expected that proof coins will be offered again this year. These coins will be struck with the same design as the BU coins, but with a proof finish. The 2017 Proof Gold Eagle Coins will likely be offered in the same size as last year with 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz.

All in all, nothing groundbreaking seems to be happening with the American Gold Eagle this year, but it’s always nice to get your hands on the new year’s release. You can get your hands on one of these coins (BU) at BullionExchanges.com for around