2017 Rooster Lunar Year Gold Bullion

lunar-rooster-gold-coinEach new year, many gold mints around the world produce a select group of products to celebrate the new Chinese Lunar Year. 2016 was the Year of the Monkey, and 2017 will be the Year of the Rooster. The rooster is the 10th animal in the Chinese Zodiac, and for 2017 is more specifically known as the “Fire Rooster.” The rooster is believed to have many strong traits including diligence, resourcefulness, courageousness and confidence.

One of the most popular mints to make Lunar Gold Bars is PAMP Suisse. Each year this Swiss Mint produces a complete line of gold bars in many different sizes with the year’s lunar animal. Though PAMP Suisse is located in Switzerland, their products are available through a large network of dealers around the world, including in the Unites States.

2017 Year of the Rooster

The Lunar Year has been utilized by many civilizations throughout history, but when it comes to gold bullion, most of the products are made to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year. This is because it is arguably the most popular civilization to follow the Lunar Cycle with what is known as the Chinese Zodiac. The cycle is represented by 12 animals. Once all 12 animals have been used, the cycle repeats itself again.

PAMP Suisse Rooster Gold Bars

lunar-rooster-gold-barPAMP Suisse has been manufacturing Chinese Lunar Gold Bars for over a decade now. Each year PAMP makes Lunar Bars in all of their standard gold bar weights (1 gram, 2.5 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 100 gram, 1 oz and 10 oz). 2017 will be the same, and the bars have already been available for a few weeks. They are minted in brand new condition (in sealed assay), and feature a very artistic design with much attention paid to the fine details. You can buy these gold bars with free shipping at BullionExchanges.com for as low as $30 over spot.

Perth Mint Lunar Series Gold Coins

lunar-rooster-gold-coins-allThe Perth Mint produces another popular Chinese Lunar Series each year, but with bullion coins. They have been doing so for about a decade as well, and 2017 will be no different.

These coins are minted in weights of 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz and 2 oz. What makes them unique from the PAMP Series is that they are valued as legal tender in Australia as well as containing their pure gold value. The denominations of these coins are $200 AUD (2 oz), $100 AUD (1 oz), $50 AUD (1/2 oz), $25 AUD (1/4 oz), $10 AUD (1/10 oz) and $5 AUD (1/20 oz).

The obverse design remains the same each year (for the most part) but the reverse includes an image of the Lunar Year’s animal as well as the Chinese Symbol. The Perth Mint’s leading artist/sculptor makes the new design every Chinese New Year. You can get these coins at BullionExchanges.com for as low as $76.99 over spot price.

Collecting Lunar Gold Bullion

With new designs coming out each year, the Chinese Lunar Series is a great way to start collecting. Whether you’re into coins or bullion, this series offers collectors a unique way to get started. What’s more, both the Lunar coins and the bars are priced pretty competitive to other bullion products, so you will not be paying huge markups above gold spot price.