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A Guide To Buying Gold Bars Online

Welcome to our guide to buying gold bars online. The world of online bullion sales has become pretty saturated over the past decade, and can be difficult to navigate at times. For this reason we have put together some helpful investor resources regarding the types, sizes and prices of gold bars that are available. As we add to our guide, we will try to go over in full detail every aspect of buying gold bars from online dealers. This will cover all aspects of the buying process, including:

Before buying gold bars online, there is a ton of information that you should research and understand as an investor. There is also a lot of questions that arise from both new and experienced investors alike. Through our guide, we will attempt to cover all of the most commonly asked questions about precious metals investing as in-depth as possible. We will also outline all of the basics of making a gold bullion investment online.

Choosing Where to Buy Gold Bars

When it comes to choosing a dealer to purchase gold bars from online, there are many reputable choices to pick from. There is not necessarily one single-best dealer, and there are dozens of reliable resources available for picking a dealer to order from. Two of my personal favorite resources include and, which enable you to both research the various dealers based on real customer reviews and compare pricing.

Aside from buying online, there are also many local sources you can buy gold bars from. Whether you want to give your business to a local coin shop or cash for gold store, the options are pretty substantial. A quick Google search should reveal all of your options. If you do decide to buy online, however, we recommend using one of the most popular and trusted dealers which includes:

I always recommend that you do your own research and find a company you feel comfortable doing business with, but you will find that one of these dealers will likely be your best bet.

Choosing a Gold Bar to Buy

Once you have found a dealer or two you feel comfortable doing business with, you should then choose which gold bullion product you are looking to buy. If you have more than one dealer in mind, you should always compare the price of the same product. Be sure to take shipping costs, delivery times and other important information into consideration when doing so.

Before ordering a gold bar or coin, you should also know the reasons behind your investment. Are you going for bulk gold bullion at a low cost or a coin with a higher premium above the spot price of gold that might have a higher resale price later on? If so, explore your options; don’t buy out of impulse.

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