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If price is your biggest concern, you may want to know which brands produce high quality gold bars at the lowest cost possible, or even which online gold bar dealers sell a specific brand at the lowest premium. If so be sure to view our brand related pages to research the various minting companies, or use our gold bullion price comparison page to compare dealer prices and premiums on the gold bars you are looking to purchase.

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Gold Bullion Dealer Reviews

Nowadays you can pretty much buy anything you want online from food to clothes and even large items like cars. The same has become true for the buying and selling of physical gold bullion and coins. Over the past decade or so, there have been an increase in online companies selling gold bullion coins and bars. Whether you are looking to buy gold to be prepared to survive after a financial recession, or just want to hedge your paper investments, below we have listed a few of today’s best online gold dealers.

Gold Bar Brands

Below is a list with all of the most common minting companies offering investment quality gold bullion. Our list includes both government entities and private minting companies. When shopping online for gold bars, you’ll come across each of these brands quite frequently, so it can be important to know what sets them apart from one another.

Buying Gold Bars As An Investment

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Gold bullion bars may be the most widely recognized forms of physical gold investment. Many people who have never invested before or have never even heard the word “bullion” can usually tell you what a gold bar is. Though gold bars are portrayed on TV and in the movies as being huge bricks stored in fort-knox-style facilities, most bars are no bigger than the size of a small cell phone and can be safely stored within a home safe, lock box or safety deposit box.

Physical gold bullion bars, specifically the larger 1 troy ounce and 10 troy ounce sizes attract the attention of investors because they usually sell for premiums closer to spot price compared to prices of other forms of the metal. This is why gold bars have become one of the top choices for investors seeking to take physical ownership of gold at the lowest possible cost per ounce.

Mints Who Produce Gold Bars

Today, investment grade gold bullion bars are produced by a vast number of both private and government run mints as well as refineries throughout the world. These mints often produce bars in a number of sizes containing a wide range of artistically crafted designs appealing to different investors tastes. While most gold bars contain some sort of design, others appear bare and to the point with only a makers mark, purity and weight stamp.

Gold Bar Sizes, Weights and Purity


Gold bars are available in an array of sizes depending upon what you are looking for. Sizes directly correlate to the weight of the bar, which ranges from the tiny 1 gram gold bar all the way up to the LBMA approved 400 ounce gold bricks that banks use to trade with.

Some of the most popular sizes of gold bars include 1, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 100 gram as well as the 1 oz and 10 oz variations. Though these are the most common sizes you can also find some pretty unique sizes as well. No matter the size of the bar, most will usually range in purity from .999 (99.9%) to .9999 (99.99% or 24k).

Though gold bars are usually rectangular in shape, some bars such as “cast” or “poured” gold bars are also available. These types of bars are usually more rounded, almost looking like a natural gold nugget. With such a wide selection to choose from when buying gold bars, you can make an investment in physical gold bullion with a pretty small initial investment if you wanted to.

Buying Gold Bars Online: Lower Prices & Wider Selection


With this influx of internet based dealers, there have been some good things and bad things. One of the good things that came of this is that now all of these companies have to stay somewhat competitive with their prices and services to stay in business. This means you now have a wider selection of options when buying your gold bullion whereas back in the day, you would only be limited to your local coin shop and their in house inventory.

Along with there being a ton of gold bullion dealers online, most of these dealers are also able to stock a wider selection of brands and sizes of gold bars giving you more options for your investment. This can be very convenient if you are really looking to stock up on some gold as this would not usually be possible at a local shop. Most gold dealers also accept a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, which adds even more convenience to the process.

Avoiding Scams & Buying Gold Bars Cheaply

Though there are mainly legitimate companies out there with positive reputations, there have been instances in the past of some not so reputable dealers. Some companies have tried to take advantage of their customers by up-selling them so they could make more money, while some have even went as far as to play the market with their customers money.

Though this HAS happened in the past, for the most part as long as you do your research and become an informed investor yourself, you can avoid most of these scams. Reading gold bar dealers reviews can also help you determine the legitimacy of an online dealer.

Gold Bullion Assay Cards & Authenticity

No matter the shape, size or types of gold bars you buy, most all will come sealed in an assay card or with an assay certificate. This certificate has a serial number that will match up with the one on the actual face of the bar and can be a good indicator of a bar’s authenticity. These cards are usually approved and signed off on by a third party company who inspects each bar to insure that it is true and legitimate.

Every assay card or certificate should state the bar’s weight, purity and in most cases will feature a unique serial number. This is why many investors prefer to buy bars minted by trusted brands as there are usually much harder to fake. Many brands who manufacture gold bullion will have ways to verify the authenticity of a bar using the serial number. This can be a good way to identify if a gold bar is fake or real. Most bars that are bought in new condition will include an assay, while previously owned bars may not.