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Credit Suisse Gold Bars

When it comes to the global banking sector, there is no country more synonymous with banking than the neutral nation of Switzerland. Today, Credit Suisse is the nation’s largest bank. Despite its position as a pillar of the banking community, not just in Switzerland and across Europe, but around the world, Credit Suisse has very humble beginnings that disguise the power and reach of this global banking institution. As the financial markets have ebbed and flowed in recent years, investing in gold bullion became incredibly popular. Credit Suisse gold bars in particular were among the most popular purchase by individuals looking to secure their financial holdings in precious metals. Gold bars from Credit Suisse remain a popular choice among investors today.

About The Credit Suisse Group

A man named Alfred Escher founded Credit Suisse in 1856 as Schweizerische Kreditanstalt. The reason behind the banks development at that time was to support the funding needs of Switzerland’s new railway system. Escher wanted to avoid the influence of French banks on the development of Swiss rail systems. In those early days the bank would issues loans that helped fund not only the nation’s railways, but also its electrical grid and the developing railway systems in other nations across Europe.

Throughout its history, Credit Suisse has served as a guiding institution in the development of the Swiss national currency, funded entrepreneurship in Switzerland, and retail banking. Today, Credit Suisse operates with four divisions that include Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, and Shared Services Group which supports the operations of the other three.

Investing in Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Banks around the globe deal in precious metals as one of the many investment and banking opportunities available to customers. Credit Suisse gold bars are available in a variety of sizes and weights, which in turn dictate the value of the bars at the time of purchase. Gold bars are available from Credit Suisse (by weight) in amounts ranging from 1 gram to as high as 10 ounces.

Most Popular Sizes

The most common Credit Suisse gold bars in circulation today are the 1 oz. (most popular) and 10 oz. weights. However, the bank does produce and sell gold bars in smaller proportions as well. Credit Suisse gold bars are also available in 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 gram varieties as well. Although Credit Suisse does not do so with the same regularity as other banks, it does produce a small amount of silver bars as well.

Other Types of Bullion

Silver is the only other precious metal that Credit Suisse deals with on a regular basis. However, unlike its variety of gold bars, Credit Suisse does not offer much when it comes to silver bars. The bank only deals in two sizes of silver bars: 500 grams and 1 kilogram. At this point in time, there are no other precious metals the bank produces for sale as an investment tool.

Design Features

Every gold bar sold by Credit Suisse has pretty much the same design feature, from its assay stamped into the front of the bar to the bank’s logo. All Credit Suisse gold bars are rectangular in shape with smooth, rounded corners. The Credit Suisse company logo is stamped into the top of every gold bar produced and sold by the bank as a symbol that the precious metal is backed by one of the strongest banks in the world.

1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bullion

Below the bank’s logo, every bar bears the assay information to assure purchasers of the quality of the metal. The exact weight and purity of the gold is stamped onto every Credit Suisse gold bar. In addition to providing the information on the actual bars, legitimate Credit Suisse gold bars are sold to investors in sealed packages that come complete with assay. The assay information provides investors with the exact details investors need to feel secure in their purchase.

1 oz Credit Suisse Bar in Asssay

The assay that comes with each bar includes the weight, purity, and bar number (stamped on the bar and provided separately) as provided by the mint when the gold bars are produced by the bank’s mint. All gold bars that come directly from Credit Suisse are shipped with the original assay as provided by the mint. In many cases, the mint which has verified the assay information for the gold bar will have its mark/logo stamped on Credit Suisse gold bars below the weight and purity information.


Buying Credit Suisse Gold Bars Online

Credit Suisse gold bars are available from a number of online retailers and traders. Among the more popular sellers are online vendors like JMBullion.comAPMEX.comSDBullion.comProvidentMetals.comGainesville Coins and Modern Coin Mart.

As mentioned earlier, the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar is the most popular mint from the bank, and as such is found with great regularity from online vendors. With that said, all of Credit Suisse’s gold bar varieties are readily available to the vast majority of online vendors.

Credit Suisse Bullion Premiums

When buying Credit Suisse gold bars online, it is important to keep an eye on premiums charged for transactions. Credit Suisse does not produce gold bars on the level of some other Swiss banks, most notably Pamp Suisse, but that has nonetheless created a mystique and popularity surrounding Credit Suisse gold bars.

The vast majority of online vendors will charge a premium to facilitate the purchase of Credit Suisse gold bars. That premium will vary from dealer to dealer, so it is important to research the premiums of various vendors before committing to a purchase through any particular vendor. Given the availability of Credit Suisse gold bars, there is no reason to pay a premium above and beyond that which is charged on average by most online vendors.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars in an IRA

In most cases, many of the Credit Suisse Gold Bars available today are approved to be held in a precious metals, or “Gold” IRA. Because of their high purity and generally low premiums, they are a favorable pick for those seeking to diversify their retirement account with gold bullion.