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Gold Bullion Dealer Reviews

When you want to buy gold bars from an online bullion dealer, you probably want to know all of your options beforehand. That is why we have compiled a list of all the most popular dealers who sell gold bars and other precious metals online. All of these companies have established themselves in the industry by offering quality products at reasonable prices. You can click each dealer’s logo to learn more about buying gold bars online from them, read our reviews, or check out reviews from other investors.

Gold Dealers

SD Bullion

SDBullion,com is an online dealer of gold, silver, platinum and copper bullion which also sells survival gear and ammo. They stock a limited amount of gold bars which include 1oz and kilogram sizes but do tend to have the best prices for gold bullion online. Aside from their gold bar selection, they carry a large amount of all other metals. Read our review of buying gold bars at SD Bullion.

Golden Eagle Coins is an online gold bullion dealer who also sells coins, silver, platinum and even rhodium. They have been in business locally since the 1970s, and online for over 5 years. They offer some of the most competitive prices on both gold and silver bullion, and have free shipping on all orders over $99 USD. There is no order minimum when purchasing precious metals on their website. They have a core offering of gold bullion which includes Perth Mint, PAMP Suisse and varied mint bars. Reviews


BullionVault offers a unique approach to owning gold. Through their website, investors can buy and sell gold instantly, where it is then vaulted for them. This means the investor never has to physically take possession of the gold. The company is located in London, UK and is a part of the London Bullion Market Association. Learn more about buying gold bullion from BullionVault.

APMEX Reviews


APMEX or American Precious Metals Exchange is one of the oldest gold bar dealers online. They started selling gold bullion over a decade ago in 2000. Located in Oklahoma City, OK in a massive old Federal Reserve building, they stock probably the most gold bars of any dealer. Though they stock such an excessive amount of gold bars, they tend to have higher prices than some other dealers. Read our review of buying gold bars at APMEX.


JM Bullion is an online dealer of precious metals. They stock a wide range of gold bars including some reputable brands such as PAMP SuisseOPM MetalsCredit Suisse and Valcambi with a number of sizes to pick from. This dealer also provides shipping free of charge for all gold bar purchases. Every order you place with JM Bullion is also fully insured while your package is in transit for added security. They seem to have some of the most competitive low prices on gold bars as well. Read our review of buying gold bars at JM Bullion.

Provident Metals Reviews

Provident Metals is another popular destination of physical gold bar investors. Established in 2008, Provident Metals has become a full fledged online gold bullion dealer selling any and everything bullion related. They have a pretty good selection of gold bars and have some decent prices as well. Read our review of buying gold bars at Provident Metals., which was launched in 2012, offers investors investment-grade gold bullion at the lowest prices online. With free shipping over $250 and low premiums on the gold items that they sell, BGASC has quickly become one of the best places to buy gold online. Read our review of buying gold bars at BGASC.

Gainesville Coins Reviews

Gainesville Coins

Gainesville Coins, located in Gainesville Florida, sells gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper bullion as well as coins in all shapes and sizes, art bars and collectibles. They stock a very large selection of gold bullion bars and coins which range in size from as small as 1/20 oz up to 100 oz with a lot of sizes in between. They stock a range of reputable bullion brands. Read our review of buying gold bars at Gainesville Coins. Reviews

Modern Coin Mart

Modern Coin Mart, located in Sarasota Florida, is an online seller of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. The company offers precious metals in bullion form and certified rare and modern bullion coins. Their offering of gold bars is average with a total of 46 gold bar products ranging in size from 1 gram to 100 grams. Read our review of buying gold bars at Modern Coin Mart.

Silver Gold Bull

Silver Gold Bull, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, sells gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and investment grade diamonds. They offer these precious metals in various sizes of bullion and also carry a large amount of modern bullion coins. They offer international shipments for investors in other countries and accept pretty much every payment method available. Learn more about buying gold bars at SilverGoldBull.


Bullion Direct

Bullion Direct sells gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion online through their website They offer an online catalog with a base of core products that include bullion minted by the worlds most trusted mints and refineries. The company offers a service called the Nucleo Exchange, which acts as a real time order matching system for both buyers and sellers. Learn more about buying gold bars at Bullion Direct.

Purchasing Information & Shipping Rates

You can buy gold bars from so many websites these days, that it may be overwhelming. Fear not though, you can always try out a few different gold dealers before settling down and picking the one you feel the most confident doing business with. When it comes to buying gold bars online, shipping prices could potentially add to your acquisition cost, but today most of the mega dealers have free shipping. A lot of bullion dealers also offer insurance on packages, but make sure to check before purchasing gold bars.