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Buy 10 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

Gold has played a critical role in human civilization since it was first discovered. From the myth of Midas’ touch, to the villains in numerous Hollywood blockbusters, gold is considered the most desirable precious metal. Today, investors around the globe have turned to gold as a safe place to invest money during troubling economic times.

Prices For 10 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

Right now, gold prices remain in the range of record highs and continue attracting investors. There are a number of refineries and mints around the globe that produce gold bars for investors to purchase. The 10 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar is one of the more popular options for those looking to invest their money in precious metals.

The Brand Behind The Bar

Officially known as Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux, or artistic precious metals products in English, PAMP operates a world-renowned refinery that is viewed by many in the precious metals industry to be a standard bearer for gold bar production. PAMP was founded in 1977 and has quickly grown to become a leading refiner of precious metals in the global marketplace. PAMP is owned by MKS S.A. and is a part of the company’s MKS Group.

Together with the other branches of the business, PAMP is part of a global precious metals and financial services company that offers investors 50-years of experience in financial and trading markets. The PAMP refinery, a state-of-the-art refining and fabrication facility, is located in Ticino, Switzerland.

PAMP Suisse’s Gold Bar Production Process

All gold bullion from PAMP Suisse undergo stringent refining and fabrication to ensure that investors and other clients receive only the highest quality products possible. PAMP refines its gold from a variety of materials sourced from numerous industries, including mining operations, jewelry, and watches.

The state-of-the-art operations at PAMP refineries take gold materials and separate other metals and materials from the gold through a sophisticated anode-electrolytic process. First, all source materials are converted into anodes. Those anodes are then placed in electrolytic cells to separate the gold from other elements.

This process allows PAMP to collect gold with purities that range from 99.99% to 99.999%. This gold is then melted into grain, bars, ingots, rods, wires, and other forms as requested by PAMP clients. The 10 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar is just one of the many bars produced by the company’s refineries.

PAMP Suisse 10 Gram Fortuna Design

The 10 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar shares many of the same design and security features of the other gram sized PAMP bars. Each bar is melted into a rectangular shape, with curved edges and a raised lip around the outer edge. On the front side of every 10 gram gold bar, the image of the Roman goddess Fortuna is stamped across the face of the bar. Fortuna’s image features a cornucopia on her head from which riches flow down into her hands.

On the back of all 10 gram bars are numerous stamps identifying the mint, refinery, weight, and purity of the bar. Beginning with the top of the gold bar, the PAMP Suisse company logo is followed by the weight (10 grams), metal (fine gold), purity, serial number of the individual bar, and the assay stamp (Essayeur Fondeur).

All of the gold bars produced by PAMP Suisse are sold complete in a package with the assay card for the individual bar. On the front of the assay card is the name of refinery (both short and long version), the company motto (The Art of Precious Metal Transformation), and the phrase “Swiss Made.”

On the reverse side of every assay card investors will find the contact information for PAMP Suisse, the signature of the certified assayer that reviewed the bar after production, as well as secondary verification of the serial number, metal fineness, and metal weight. This is PAMP Suisse’s primary form of security with all of its gold bars. The serial number, weight, and purity of each gold bar is stamped onto the bar itself and easily verifiable with the same information found on the assay card.

More PAMP Suisse Gold Bullion

When it comes to the production of precious metals, PAMP is one of the most active refineries in the world. PAMP produces gold, silver and platinum bars is many sizes as well as palladium bars in a narrow range of sizes. The most popular PAMP Suisse gold bullion products are listed below:

Silver bars are produced by PAMP as well in 500 gram and 1 kilogram weights, with platinum and palladium bars produced in weights ranging from 1 to 6 kilograms. In addition to its vast array of minted ingots in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, PAMP also mints coins in different precious metals.