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Buy 2.5 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

The world’s gold market is currently enjoying record high prices the likes of which economies around the globe have never seen in the modern day. While the price of gold has dropped from all-time highs in recent years, the average price for gold today is still within reach of record territory. Investors have taken note on these record prices by purchasing gold bars. One of the most popular brands that currently manufactures gold bars is PAMP Suisse, who is the produced of the 2.5 Gram Fortuna Gold Bar. Because of their small size, they are affordable and consequently have become one of the most popular varieties of physical gold today.

Prices For 2.5 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

Several banks and refineries around the globe produce gold bars for investors on a yearly basis. One of the most respected precious metal refiners in the world is PAMP Suisse. The gold bars produced by PAMP Suisse are among the highest quality precious metals on the market, minted with eye catching designs in .9999 purity. Below you can compare a few popular dealer’s pricing on this product or read on to learn more about this popular gold bar.

About PAMP Suisse Gold

Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux, better known as PAMP Suisse, is headquartered in Ticino, Switzerland. The refinery at PAMP Suisse is considered one of the most sophisticated operations in the world, with a dominant foothold in major precious metals markets around the globe. First opened in 1977, today PAMP Suisse is a subsidiary of MKS S.A., and serves as an integral part of the MKS Group.

PAMP refineries use a specialized process to ensure that its precious metals come out with the greatest purity possible. All PAMP Suisse gold bars are created using gold that is sourced from a diverse selection of industry, including mining operations, the jewelry industry, and watchmakers.

All the materials that PAMP Suisse sources its gold from are converted into anodes, which are then positioned in electrolytic cells. This process separates the gold from other metals in the materials. The electrolytic treatment helps PAMP Suisse create gold bars with purity levels between 99.99% and 99.999%.

2.5 Gram PAMP Gold Bar Design

The 2.5 G PAMP Suisse gold bar is one of the refineries most popular gold bars among the investing public. The 2.5 G gold bar has a similar design to many of the other gold bars produced by PAMP Suisse. The front of the bar displays the image of the Roman goddess Fortuna; the god of fortune. Her body features a cornucopia on her head that is spilling riches down into her hands. The rounded edges of the bar are highlighted by a slight ledge.



On the back of all 2.5 G gold bars, investors will find (from top to bottom) the PAMP Suisse logo, the weight of the bar, the purity of the gold, the serial number of the bar, and the assay certifier’s identification, all stamped on the bar. All new PAMP Suisse gold bars are sold in a case with the assay card that certifies the legitimacy and accuracy of the gold bar contained therein.



All assay information is included on the card that is packaged with each 2.5 G PAMP Suisse gold bar. The front side of each card features the full name of the PAMP Suisse, as well as the official company name, along with the phrase “Swiss Made.” On the back of each assay card is the weight, serial number, and signature of the assay specialist at PAMP Suisse that certified the purity and weight of the bar.

PAMP Suisse’s Assaying Process

The assayers at PAMP Suisse are independently certified and work in accordance with the Swiss Precious Metals Control Law, following the legislation and directives set forth by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control. The assay tactics used by PAMP include fire, spectrometric, ICP, X-ray, and chemical assay testing to assure clients that the gold bars leaving the refinery are of the highest possible quality.

PAMP Suisse’s assaying processes are so highly regarded that the refinery is just one of the three refineries in the world to have received Approved Good Delivery Referees status with both the London Bullion Market Association and London Platinum and Palladium Market.

More PAMP Suisse Gold Bullion

PAMP Suisse is one of the most active precious metal refiners on the planet. The refineries at PAMP Suisse produce gold bars in a wide variety of weights. Other gold bar weights produced by PAMP include the following:

The refineries also work with other precious metals including silver, platinum, and palladium. PAMP produces silver bars in weights that include 1000 oz., 500 G, and 1 kilogram. The platinum and palladium bars are produced only at weights between 1 kilogram and 6 kilograms. PAMP Suisse refiners also produce a wide variety of minted ingots that range in size from 1 oz. all the way up to 500 G, and feature numerous designs, shapes, and precious metals.