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Buying 5 Gram Gold Bars

For those looking to invest in the precious metals market, those with experience know that 5-gram gold bars are an excellent vehicle to get their investment toes in the door. Available from a number of mints with positive reputations, the 5-gram gold bar is a popular size for new and committed investors alike. Unique designs and .9999 purity makes buying 5 gram bold bars a safe investment platform, as well as a beautiful addition to any stack.

As with any investment opportunity, it makes sense for collectors to do their homework prior to making any purchase. As such, due diligence requires an investigation of the production mint that ensures that they are receiving only the highest quality gold merchandise. Products that come from easily recognizable mints translates into an easier time selling the gold bar later, than if it originated from a lesser-known mint. As opposed to investing in gold coins, gold bars are popular owing to their lower production costs and the less fancy designs of government-minted coinage.

5 Gram APMEX Gold Bar

The most efficient way to invest in pure gold is by the weight of the bar. The APMEX 5 gram gold bar is a trusted commodity among buyers of pure gold as they deal only in recognized and widely traded brands on the world gold market.


AMPEX’s latest 5 gram gold offering is backed up with an assay card, which lists the weight and guaranteed purity of the piece, and comes delivered with a Tamper Evident Package (TEP), so investors can order in confidence knowing that their gold bars will arrive at the door in an unadulterated form.

5 Gram Austrian Mint Gold Bar

No name inspires as much respect in the gold industry as the gold bars and products produced by the Vienna-based Austrian mint. Tasked with casting and striking Austrian coins, the mint is capable of turning out quality coins, bars, and round gold pieces for the world’s gold market. Investors who purchase Austrian mint, 5-gram gold bars do so with the confidence that only comes with dealing with one of the world’s foremost casting houses.


The 5-gram Austrian KineBar, a gold bar that contains a Kinebar to assist in proving its authenticity, is not only a safe and secure investment; it is also a gorgeous addition to any collection. Featuring a Lipizzaner horse design, the gold bar gives the impression of a leaping stallion as one tilts the bar at different angles.

5 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (Fortuna Design)

The Roman goddess of fortune, Lady Fortuna, adorns the 5 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar in a fitting tribute the universal allure of gold. For investors looking at entering the precious metal market with a bit of panache, starting with a 5 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar is a great investment strategy.


The goddess’ appearance on these 5 gram gold bars features the bounties of her cornucopia pouring forth into her hands, and comes backed with an assay card, which certifies the weight and purity of the purchase.

5 Gram Perth Mint Gold Bar

When it comes to the gold market down under, the Australian Perth mint has been a trusted partner in the Australian gold industry since the 19th- century. The mint, built to transform the gold coming from the mines of Western Australia into coins for the British realm, now strikes a variety of coins and gold bars for the world gold market.


The 5-gram Perth Suisse gold bar comes with a Certicard security system that ensures the quality of the gold bar within. Each cards comes with an anti-counterfeit feature that displays the warning “Seal Open” if the package has been tampered with in any way.

5 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (Lunar Design)

The PAMP Suisse Lunar design gold bar is a gorgeous representation of the quality produced by the PAMP Suisse mint. Available in an array of designs, the Lunar design features 5-gram gold bars that are adorned with fantastic designs of dragons, horses, goats or snakes. For instance, the 5-gram PAMP Suisse snake gold bar features a snake wrapped around reeds of bamboo on the front with an equally arresting rear design that allows for a singular effect.


Gold buyers know that when they purchase a Lunar designed Suisse gold bar, they can depend on the quality and beauty of a product that is recognized the world over by investors and collectors.

5 Gram Sunshine Mint Gold Bar

Located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the Sunshine Mint delivers precious metal and bullion products to governmental mints around the world. Now, investors and collectors are attracted to the gold products of this full-service mint for the quality of fine products that come off their design tables and into the collections of serious investors in the gold market. They are attracted to the quality assurance that goes into the casting and striking of all of their bullion products.


Their 5-gram gold bars are struck from .9999 fine gold, and arrive from the mint in tamper-resistant packaging that lets investors purchase with confidence on the physical gold market knowing that they will receive a brand new product that hasn’t been messed with.

Where To Buy 5 Gram Gold Bars

Compared to other gold bar weights, the 5 gram gold bar is not as common as the 1 oz size, but nevertheless it is not difficult to find. There is usually a steady supply of 5 gram gold bars on the market and they can be bought for around $3-$10 per gram over spot price. Almost all gold bullion dealers will carry 5 gram gold bars and you can find them on sites like and