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APMEX Review
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  • Location: Oklahoma City
  • Phone: (800)-375-9006

APMEX is one of the most well known places to buy gold bars online. They established themselves as a top destination for those seeking to buy gold bars over 10 years ago and have maintained their status in the precious metals industry over that time. They have a large selection of gold bars minted by a number of different reputable brands located throughout the world. They even manufacture their own line of “APMEX” branded gold bars.

APMEX Gold Bar Selection

On, they currently have over 175 different types of gold bars and rounds with 21 one oz gold bar products, 10 ten oz gold bar products and 7 kilo gold bar products. This is much larger than many other gold bullion dealers. They offer gold bars in the following sizes with a lot of design & brand variations of each weight:

  • 1 gram
  • 2.5 gram
  • 5 gram
  • 10 gram
  • 20 gram
  • 100 gram
  • kilogram
  • 1/2 oz
  • 1 oz
  • 10 oz

APMEX Gold Bar Pricing Review

APMEX’s over spot premiums for the gold bars that they sell are usually in-line with other comparable bullion dealers. When comparing their pricing – with shipping included – to others, they are very reasonable. For example their 1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar is currently priced at around $25 over spot price for the max discount price. The rarer collectible bars that they sell, like the various Engelhard and Johnson Matthey vintage bars sell for a little bit more as you would expect. uses spot prices which are accurate and update automatically every few seconds. Their live spot prices display both the bid and ask price of each metal. For most items they provide bulk discounts with large quantity purchases.

Brands of Gold Bars Available At APMEX

APMEX carries a large amount of gold bars made by companies and mints all over the globe. They sell almost every brand of gold bullion that is available to investors in both new and secondhand condition. Some of the brands that they currently have in stock include:

Other Types of Gold Available

Aside from gold bullion bars, APMEX sells a large number of gold coins, rounds and even pendants. They sell all of the most common bullion coins like the Gold EagleMaple LeafPhilharmonicKrugerrand and Chinese Panda among others.

APMEX Customer Service and Shipping Times

APMEX has a large customer service staff which is available most days of the week over the phone as well as through email. They also use a live chat messaging system. Orders which you pay for using a credit card qualify for shipment within 1 day of putting an order through while checks and bank wire payments vary. They charge a rate of $9.95 for orders of $50-$499 with orders of $500-$4,999 costing $14.95 to ship. Orders over this amount ship free.


APMEX is a secure place to buy gold and they have an excellent reputation with a large product offering. We feel that this is both good and bad, good in that they provide investors with a large selection of gold bars to choose from and bad in that it can become sort of overwhelming and hard to navigate at times. Their product pricing is very decent and shipping rates are reasonable. All in all, APMEX is one of the best places to shop for gold bullion, coins, silver and other precious metals online.