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Buy 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars

When investors around the globe think about the precious metals marketplace, they undoubtedly think of Credit Suisse first and foremost. There are few banking, refining, and minting operations in the world that boast the longevity, quality, and technological advancement that the people at Credit Suisse have brought to the precious metals industry for more than a century.

As the price of gold remains in record-high territory, investors around the world are turning to this method of investment to protect their wealth against the volatility of modern economic markets. As a tool for investment, gold bullion has been a staple of human wealth for more than one thousand years. Today, the 1 oz gold bar is among the most commonly traded precious metals because of its size and affordability.

Prices For 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Among all of the options out there, the 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar has continued to remain one of the top choices for investors of the yellow metal. It is priced very reasonably when compared to other bullion of the same weight, and is backed by one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Below you can compare pricing on these bars from a few top bullion dealers.

A Look Into The Credit Suisse Brand

In July 1856, a man named Alfred Escher would help establish a bank that would go on to become one of the most influential financial institutions in the world. Escher, a prominent Swiss politician, business leader, and financial pioneer, wanted to provide his native Switzerland with a financial alternative to French banks for the Government of Switzerland.

Schweizeriche Kreditanstalt, now known as Credit Suisse in English, was established to help Switzerland finance the expansion of its railroad network. Initial stock offerings in the new bank were made for three million francs, but within a matter of days the value of company stock had risen to 218 million francs.

Today, Credit Suisse is valued in the billions of dollars and conducts financial operations from satellite branches throughout Europe and across the globe. The refining and minting operations at Credit Suisse are recognized worldwide for quality and technological sophistication.

Credit Suisse Gold Bar Design

The 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar is one of the most recognizable physical precious metal products on global markets. From its design to its physical appearance and high quality production, Credit Suisse Gold Bars are unmistakable among investors.

The 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar features a rectangular design with rounded edges. On the front of the bar, there are numerous stamps. First is the stamp of the world-famous logo for Credit Suisse. Below that are stamps indicating the bar’s weight, purity, unique serial number, and the mark of the mint’s official assayer.


On the back of each bar is the repeating motif of the Credit Suisse logo. All Credit Suisse Gold Bars are sold initially in a sealed package with its assay card as proof of its quality and legitimacy. The assay card features the company logo on the front. On the back side of the assay card, investors will see the unique serial number of the bar, purity, weight, and stamp of the assayer, along with the signature of the certified assayer who confirmed the bar’s value.


Credit Suisse has made multiple changes to its assay cards over the years, meaning that no two investors are assured of receiving the assay card as described above. Additionally, as bars change hands, there is no guarantee that the originally packed assay card will be included. This likelihood is increased in bars which are released to the public with a loose assay card.

Activities at Credit Suisse and Other Services

Credit Suisse is part of a massive financial corporation that has, through mergers and acquisitions, branched out over the years to include a variety of financial services. These services range from simple banking to more sophisticated investing options. Credit Suisse Gold Bars come in five common weights, including the one Troy ounce bar along with 10 gram, 5 gram, 2.5 gram, and 1 gram bars.

Credit Suisse has long been known for its technological innovation. In addition to its banking services and work with precious metals (including gold, silver, and platinum), Credit Suisse has been at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of finance since the beginning. It was Credit Suisse that introduced the first direct telex connection between Switzerland and New York City (1951).

That innovation would prove to be the tip of the iceberg. In later years, Credit Suisse would be the first bank to operate a drive-in banking operation (1962), the first to offer telephone banking (1993, and the first to offer online banking via the Internet (1997). It is that track record of innovation, and a relentless desire to remain on the cutting edge, that has allowed Credit Suisse to establish itself as the most respected name in finance, investing, and precious metals.

Buying 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars Online

When it comes to purchasing 1 oz. gold bars, investors continually turn to the 1 oz. Credit Suisse bar as a standard bearer for quality in the precious metals market. Because of this, they are available at pretty much any online gold bullion dealer. You can find these bars for sale on sites like APMEXProvident MetalsJM BullionGainesville Coins and many others.