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Buying 10 oz Gold Bars

For those looking at entering the gold market in any force, the 10 oz gold bar is viewed as the ideal investment vehicle for that entrance. An excellent means for storing wealth, whether for a national government, corporate entity, or private investor, the 10 oz gold bar is available from a number of reputable mints and refiners, which makes buying quality gold bars an easy and straightforward proposition.

Further, with built in security features, buying gold has never been easier or safer for the private investor than from some of the world’s leading mints like Credit Suisse, Perth Mint, and Johnson Matthey. Any investor looking at expanding their gold portfolio would do well to look at these houses for superior quality 10 oz gold products. Investing in the gold market with 10 oz gold bars from any of these respected mints is a wise buying choice.

Credit Suisse 10 oz Gold Bars

Founded in 1856, the Credit Suisse name is synonymous with stability in the world’s financial markets. Their hallmark provides instant recognition, which makes Credit Suisse gold bars highly coveted by investors worldwide. Further, backed by the Bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse is the gold standard of stability and quality when assessing gold mints throughout the trading world. With its weight, purity, content, and serial number stamped on the bar, investors know exactly what they are receiving when a Credit Suisse 10 oz gold bar arrives at their door.


The Credit Suisse Bank mints an array of gold bar products, but the 10 troy oz weight one of the favored investment vehicles of buyers. As such, the 10 oz gold bar is the second most widely circulated Credit Suisse product after the 1 oz weight.


Rectangular, the 10-ounce Credit Suisse gold bar is imprinted with the bank’s impressive logo, along with its assay information prominently stamped in the gold beneath. Suitable for inclusion in an IRA portfolio, or hoarding in a shoebox under the bed, the physical delivery of gold from a trusted name like Credit Suisse lends a certain gravitas to any investment portfolio.

Perth Mint 10 oz Gold Bars

Few mints have the credentials that are sported by Western Australia’s Perth Mint. In addition to being the national mint of Australia, responsible for striking the nation’s coinage, the mint also produces gold bullion for the private investment market. Each bar, painstakingly struck from pure .9999 fine gold, and features the mint’s highly recognizable logo, delivers on the promise of quality that the mint’s name implies.


The front of every Perth Mint gold bar is stamped with the details of the bar including weight, purity, and metal stamped into the gold, while the reverse side has a leaping kangaroo motif that is emblematic of the nation of Australia. The beauty and craftsmanship makes this a must have addition for any serious precious metals investment portfolio.


To assure the safety of their transactions, each Perth Mint gold bar is produced in tamper-proof packaging with a Certicard asserting to the protective measures used in the shipping of the gold bullion and maintaining the bar’s authenticity at all times. Inside each taper-proof case, the mint provides an assay card with the technical details of the gold’s bona fides from its purity to weight. Also provided is the unique serial number of the 10 oz gold bar, and the mint’s chief assayer’s signature attesting to the gold’s purity.

Johnson Matthey 10 oz Gold Bars

British-based Johnson Matthey opened their doors in 1851, and began producing bullion the next year in a refining operation that continued for more than a century. In the years since, Johnson Matthey has developed into one of the most respected names in the precious metals industry. As such, their gold bars are highly recognizable, which provides near-instantaneous liquidity on the open market. This quality craftsmanship and reputation for .999+ fine gold translates into an excellent investment opportunity for the beginning and seasoned investor alike.


Because the company ceased gold production decades ago, these are usually available on the secondhand market in varied condition. While Johnson Matthey gold bars do not usually come with an assay, they do arrive with the purity and weight stamped into the gold with the highly recognizable Johnson Matthey logo. For investors looking for a secured entrée into the world of gold bullion, a 10-ounce gold bar from Johnson Matthey will usually do the trick.

Buying 10 oz Gold Bars Online

Though it is a rather sizable piece of gold bullion, you can purchase all of the bars listed above online through secure websites like and most others. Bars weighing 10 troy ounces can be bought usually much cheaper than smaller gram and metric-weight gold bullion. Purchasing 10 oz Gold Bars in bulk quantities can often get your purchase price down even lower by utilizing online dealer’s quantity price break discounts.