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Gold bars are proving to be the most popular investment tool among millions of individuals across the globe. At the turn of the 21st century, gold prices began a climb that would eventually see prices top out at a record high. In recent years, gold prices have declined again. However, gold prices remain in record-high territory, making now a great time to invest in gold bars.

There are a wide range of gold bar sizes available for investors. Additionally, there are a number of refineries around the world producing gold bars for investors. The smaller gold bar weights are often the most popular because they offer a form of investment that is physically easy to move, and less expensive than larger gold bars. Among the more popular, small gold bars produced today is the 1 oz. RCM gold bar.

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A Look Into The Brand Behind The Bar

The Royal Canadian Mint, known as simply RCM to investors, has a history that stretches back more than 100 years to the early 19th century. Governor Early Grey activated the minting press for the first time at RCM on January 2, 1908. The very first product minted was a fifty-cent piece that served as the first domestically produced coin in Canada. As a member of the British Empire, the Royal Canadian Mint (with its main branch in Ottawa) was part of Britain’s Royal Mint system.

In 1931, RCM officially changed hands and was passed to the control of the Canadian government. From those early days, RCM refineries dealt heavily in the production of gold bullion products, both bars and coins. The opening of the refinery coincided with the explosion of gold production in Canada’s Yukon and British Columbia regions. The nation needed a sophisticated refinery in which it could produce gold bars and coinage that was up to standards of the day.

The RCM gained notoriety early on for its production of gold bars. In fact, the vast majority of gold bars that the British Empire used to pay off debts following World War I came from the refinery at RCM. More recently, the mint has earned the distinction of producing the largest coin in the world. That coin is worth $1 million, weighed 100 kg, and featured an astonishing 99.999% purity.

The 1 oz Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar

Smaller gold bars are the most popular on the market because the pricing is affordable for the average investor, as well as newcomers in the gold investing marketplace. On the front of every RCM 1 oz. gold bar is the seal of the Royal Canadian Mint, followed by the stamps that verify the weight, purity, and serial number of the individual bar. On the reverse side, investors will find a repeating maple leaf motif engraved on the bar.


All 1 oz. RCM gold bars come packaged with an assay card to verify its legitimacy. The assay card includes the weight, purity, and serial number that are featured on the front of each gold bar. Additionally, investors will find the name of RCM’s Chief Assayer, Jonathan Forrest. Every gold bar produced by the Royal Canadian Mint is backed the full faith and credit of the Canadian government.

Other RCM Activities

Although the Royal Canadian Mint is famous for its gold bar and coin production, the mint provides a number of other services and products to investors. Investors have the option of storing gold bars with the mint, should they so choose. RCM boasts state-of-the-art surveillance technology, providing investors with the sense of confidence needed when storing gold investments.

RCM has a variety of gold bar weights, as well as silver bars, gold wafers, and coinage series offered in gold, silver, and platinum. Gold bars are produced in weights of 1 oz, kilo, and 400 Troy Oz “London Good Delivery” bars. The mint also produces silver bars in weights ranging from 100 Troy Oz. bars to 1,000 Troy oz. “London Good Delivery” bars.

The mint’s gold wafers, which include the 1 oz. RCM gold bar, are also available in 5 oz. and 10 oz. weights. According to RCM, the gold wafers minted at the refinery offer the best balanced between liquidity and affordability for investors.

Last, but not least, RCM continues to operate as Canada’s only coinage manufacturer. The mint produces all of the national coinage dispersed within the national economy, but also provides a number of commemorative coinage series for investors which are not designed for circulation in the economy. These include gold, silver, and platinum coins that pay homage to the history of Canada.