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NTR Metals Gold Bars

When it comes to the worldwide collection, refining, and distribution of precious metals, no firm holds as preeminent a position than Texas-based North Texas Refining (NTR Metals). More than a mere refinery however, the company is comprised of four distinct divisions that offer a range of services that cater to each aspect of the industry from commercial refining to industrial recycling to bullion minting.

NTR Metals’ economies of scale ensure that they are a precious metals market maker, and their superior craftsmanship and advanced minting techniques guarantees that their gold bars are always in high demand by investors. Adding to demand are the prices of their gold bars which are among the cheapest in the industry without having to sacrifice quality.

NTR Metals Economy of Scales

Since forming in 2004, NTR Metals has become one of the most integrated precious metal operations in the world. With a corporate presence in more than 75 countries, NTR is able to manage the entire life-cycle process of the metal, and thereby is able to maintain the highest quality control throughout the process and keep their costs down at the same time. It is this sweep of operations that allows them to refine more than 30 million pounds of precious metals per year for more than 30,000 companies.


NTR Metals’ minting process is completely in house, and they refine, cast, roll, blank, and strike their gold and silver bullion products to their high degree of expectations. Indeed, their proprietary minting process delivers high quality precious metal products that are recognized throughout the industry for their purity, weight and low cost.

NTR Metals Operational Divisions

NTR Metals is able to leverage their market position to deliver commercial refining solutions, industrial recycling resolutions, and bullion manufacturing that sets new standards for turnaround time, convenience, and adds overall value to their precious metal products.

Commercial Refining — as the largest precious metal company in the world, NTR Metals is fully capable of handling the refining needs of jewelers, pawnbrokers, and other elements of the precious jewelry market. Owing to the shear number of processing centers worldwide, they are able to offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Indeed, customers are offered convenient drop off access and turnaround times of as little as one hour. For those too far away to access one of their many recycling center, they feature a shipping policy that allows customers to lock in their spot-price prior to shipment. Once received, NTR Metals offers same-day settlement to their customer’s account.

Industrial Recycling and Refining — the industrial world produces a great deal of toxic sludge that, as stewards of the environment, needs to be eliminated from the environment and recycled. With their global presence, NTR Metals is in the vanguard of this movement by providing custom made recycling solutions to even the most serious of clean-up efforts.

Precious Metal Market Makers — with a staffed bullion-trading desk in the United States, NTR Metals ensures that their customers are up to date on the latest developments in the precious metal market. They provide their customers with the liquidity that they need to trade with confidence. Towards this end, they are able to help clients efficiently transform currency into bullion and then back again.

Aimed at the wholesale market, they specialize in providing the retail needs of the financial, coin, and jewelry industries. They continuously monitor market conditions in the precious metal industry to deliver the highest quality information to their clients, and are completely in tune with even the slightest change of the day-to-day precious metal market.

Bullion Minting — NTR Metals cherry-picks only the finest materials from their recycling division to extract the highest quality material for their minting process, and the results are readily noted for their excellence. The fine quality is designed to attract the interest of only the most serious precious metals investor, and each of their products comes hand inspected fro purity and high quality. A balance of precision and efficiency, their proprietary minting process delivers on the promise of excellence that the name NTR Metals brings to the table.

Quality of NTR Gold Bars

Nothing is more comforting to a precious metal investor than having physical possession of their collection. Additionally, that possession, wedded to the knowledge that the product has perhaps the best reputation in the industry, means that investors can buy and invest with confidence. Utilizing their expert team of qualified minters, artisans, and advisors, NTR Metals brings unparallel value to the table with their line of bullion products which include:

  • 1 oz. Silver Bars
  • 10 oz. Silver Bars
  • 100 oz. Silver Bars
  • 1/10 oz. Gold Bars
  • 1 oz. Gold Bars
  • 1 kg. Gold Bars

Each minted silver bar is delivered in an RF heat-sealed casing that protects the finish from oxidation and other physical damage. As such, this form of packaging allows for the sale of individual bars, so every level of investor can be accommodated. Also, NTR Metals keeps up with industry standard by only minting .9999 purity in gold and .999 purity in silver for all their bullion products. Their smaller gold products like the 1 oz. gold bar are packaged in assay cards while the larger 1kg bars are usually stamped with a serial number.

Where To Buy NTR Gold Bars Online

NTR Metals have been delivering premier precious metal services to a worldwide client-base for more than a decade. They put innovation, customer service, and superior craftsmanship at the center of everything that they do in the precious metal industry. It is for that reason that they are a trusted broker and partner in the global gold and silver markets. One look at their array of services will show why they have attained, and maintained, their premier place in the precious metal industry.

Gold bars made by NTR Metals carry a very low over spot premium. Their smaller 1 oz gold bars can usually be bought for about $20 or so over the current gold price. Not too many online gold dealers sell the 1 oz NTR gold bar online, however they are currently available at Provident Metals.