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Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

As investors and individuals continue to flock to gold as a secure, reliable investment for their hard-earned money, it is important to know a little bit about the mints, refineries, and banks producing this precious metal. There are a variety of mints and refineries around the globe that produce gold bars in about every size imaginable, but without question one of the most recognizable names in gold is the Royal Canadian Mint.

RCM Inception, Location Changes and Minting Technology

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), or Monnaie Royale Canadienne in French, is the official refinery and mint of the Government of Canada. The mint was first established in 1908 as the primary refinery in Canada of precious metals and to serve as the official mint for national money in Canada.

During the course of more than a century of refining precious metals, the RCM has tackled a number of impressive projects. After the refinery was completed in 1911, it set about the task of minting money for the Canadian government. Almost immediately the mint distinguished itself for its production of gold bars during World War I. The vast majority of gold bars used by Britain to pay off its war debts to other countries were RCM gold bars produced at the mint in Canada.

RCM Sets New Purity Standards

The original refinery was replaced in 1936 by the current refinery. A new refinery was needed at this time to refine gold for central banks around the globe with higher standards. The first gold bars produced at the new refinery started appearing on the market in 1969. The refinery has distinguished itself numerous times during the latter portion of the 20th century for incredible purity standards.

In 1982, it became the first refinery in the world to produce .9999 gold bullion coins. In 1999, it set a new purity standard when it successfully minted the world’s first .99999 fine gold. Today, RCM gold bars are world-renowned for craftsmanship and purity levels that few other refineries can match.

What Else Does the RCM Do?

Throughout its history, the RCM has been involved in a number of other projects for the Government of Canada. The mint has printed all Canadian coinage since its opening in 1908, and the modern refinery was responsible for minting the Olympic medals issued to participants at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

RCM Gold Bullion

All RCM gold bars are recognized around the world for the quality inherent in the mint’s refining process. The RCM offers gold bars ranging from mid-sized bars up to large “good delivery” bars. The mint is also unique in offering much smaller gold wafers that offer the ultimate combination of investing and maintaining liquidity.

The standard RCM gold bars are minted at a weight of 1 ounce and 1 kilogram, while the large 400 troy ounce gold bar represents the largest bar produced at RCM. The mint also produces gold wafers that come in weights of 1, 5, and 10 troy ounces. These thin, golden wafers feature the same attention to detail and purity that comes standard in all larger RCM gold bars.

RCM Bullion Coins

In addition to producing gold bars, RCM continues its mission to mint coins for the Government of Canada. On top of producing standard circulation coins for use in the Canadian economy, RCM produces a number of special series coins in both gold and silver for investors and collectors to purchase. The gold bullion coin, featuring a purity level of .99999, is produced in the “Call of the Wild” series by RCM.

Other coin series include the 1 oz. silver bullion “Birds of Prey” coin series, Gold Maple Leaf coins, Silver Maple Leaf coins, and Platinum Maple Leaf coins. The only other bars produced by RCM are the .9999 silver bars the mint produces. RCM silver bars are available in weights ranging from 100 troy ounces to 1,000 troy ounces.

RCM Gold Bar Design

All of the RCM gold bars produced at the mint feature a rectangular design with rough, yet rounded, edges. On one side of the bar is the stamp that bears the official seal of the Royal Canadian Mint with a maple leaf in the middle. Below the seal of the RCM is the weight, purity, and production series number of the gold bar. On the back of each RCM gold bar is a continuous pattern of the maple leaf featured in the official RCM seal.

RCM Gold Bars Individual

The design of the gold wafer is similar to RCM gold bars. All of the aforementioned stamps appear on the front side of each gold wafer, but in much closer proximity to one another given the smaller space available. One noticeable difference on the gold wafer is a rimmed-edge along the outside of each wafer. The reverse side of the gold wafers, like the gold bars, features a continuous pattern of maple leafs.

Assay & Security Features

The RCM is globally recognized for its assay and security standards. The assay laboratory at RCM is considered to be one of the world’s best when it comes to adhering to stringent policies for analyzing and grading precious metals. The American Society for Testing and Materials offers independent validation of the fire assay method at RCM, and helps to establish the credibility of the RCM processes.

As a leader in gold bar production, the RCM has instituted a number of security protocols to protect the integrity of RCM gold bars. From its stringent production standards to its state-of-the-art surveillance technology, RCM takes all precautions to ensure that the gold bars that leave its refineries meet the highest standards for quality and purity in the world.

RCM Gold Bar with assay card

All of the gold bars that leave the refineries at RCM boast .9999 purity, are sold initially with assay to prove the purity, and are backed by the integrity of the Government of Canada.

Buying RCM Gold Bars Online

RCM gold bars can be purchased from a wide variety of online vendors which makes them accessible to investors around the globe. In addition to purchasing directly from the Royal Canadian Mint, RCM gold bars are available from dealers like Provident MetalsAPMEXSD BullionJM Bullion and Gainesville Coins.

Many of the vendors selling RCM gold bars offer discounts for investors looking to make large-volume purchases. Additionally, some vendors have scalable volume purchasing with increased discounts for volumes of 1-9 bars up to 100+ bars.