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Buying 2 Gram Gold Bars

In recent years individuals around the world have turned to gold as a “safe-haven” investment vehicle. There are more than 30 different sizes and weights of gold bars and new ones pop up every year. While large investors with deep pockets can afford bars of larger sizes, individual investors have increasingly turned to smaller gold bars as an affordable investment vehicle. The 2 gram gold bar is an example of a small, affordable gold bar that is easy for investors to work with.

Popularity of 2 Gram Gold Bars

While banks, government mints, and private mints around the world produce large numbers of gold bars, the 2 gram bar is not a commonly minted weight. Despite the popularity of smaller gold bars, the 2 gram gold bar has yet to exhibit demand worthy of increased production by reliable mints across the globe.

With all of that said, 2 gram gold bars still do attract investors for a number of reasons. For starters, the smaller bars are more affordable for private individuals looking to make moderate investments in gold. Additionally, small metric-weight gold bars sell at lower premiums than fractional-ounce gold coins, a massively popular investment vehicle of similar size. Below we’ll be going over all of the pros and cons to the 2 gram gold bar.

Brands of 2 Gram Gold Bars

There are two popular brands that mint 2 gram gold bars: Credit Suisse and the Austrian Mint. Credit Suisse is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and is a multinational financial services holding company that has developed a reputation around the world for reliable service and high-quality gold products.

The Austrian Mint is one of the world’s oldest organizations, tracing its history back to 1194. The first coins ever produced by the Austrian Mint were silver coins that came from 15 tonnes of silver paid to Duke Leopold VI by Richard the Lionheart on his way back to England from the crusades.

Investing with known brands is just as vital as buying a home from a trusted realtor. When you are making major investments, you want to know you are receiving the best quality products and services possible. Brands like Credit Suisse and the Austrian Mint have established histories, and have participated in the precious metals marketplace for decades. Whether you are buying or selling 2 gram gold bars, when you work with a trusted brand you have their expertise at your back.

Designs on 2 Gram Gold Bars

As we mentioned above, the 2 gram bar is one of the less popular weights, so the selection is fairly limited compared to other sizes like the 1 oz. The two most popular 2 bullion products of this weight are the 2 Gram Credit Suisse Statue of Liberty and Austrian Mint gold bars. Specific information on these 2 gram gold bars is included below:

Credit Suisse Statue of Liberty 2 Gram Gold Bar

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Reverse Side Engravings: Credit Suisse logo, weight, metal content, purity (.9999 pure gold), individual serial number, and stamp of the assay specialist.
  • Obverse Side Engravings: Image of the Statue of Liberty
  • Troy Ounce Weight: .0643 troy ounces
  • Thickness: .58 mm
  • Assay: Assay card included

Austrian Mint Gold Bar

  • Shape: Rectangular with raised edge on just one face
  • Reverse Side Engravings: Logo of Austrian Mint, mint name in Austrian (Munze Osterreich), weight, purity (.9999 gold), individual serial number, and stamp of the assay specialist.
  • Obverse Side Engravings: none
  • Troy Ounce Weight: .0643 troy ounces
  • Thickness: .55 mm
  • Assay: Assay card included

Buying 2 Gram Gold Bars Online

These two products are both available in single quantities (one bar) and bulk amounts. Compared to larger metric-weight and other fractional and 1 oz gold bars, the 2 gram bars are sold at lower premiums. When purchased in bulk, premiums and prices are lower than purchasing the products one bar at a time. The Austrian Mint 2 gram gold bars are sold at slightly lower prices than the Credit Suisse Statue of Liberty gold bars, due in large part to the difference in brand recognition between the two.

You can find the 2 Gram Credit Suisse gold bar for sale on a majority of online gold dealer websites. The Austrian bar, however is not as widely available. We have found one of the only major companies selling this product to be APMEX which appears to have them listed pretty cheaply. You can occasionally find these bars on other non-dealer websites such as eBay, but they tend to pop-up and disappear quickly.