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Buying PAMP Suisse Gold Bars is your one-stop place for valuable information on the gold market, places to purchase gold on the market today, and resources for learning about the different types of gold bars available online. We strive to recommend only the very best to our readers so today we decided to talk about PAMP Suisse gold bars; one of the most popular types of gold bullion available for investment.

PAMP is arguably the most trusted name in gold bars and other precious metals when you are looking primarily for quality and value. Because of this there are many online gold dealers who sell their products, and you have likely come across them at some point along your journey.

If you want to purchase gold in physical bullion form, you may consider purchasing PAMP Suisse gold bars. PAMP is one of the world’s leading gold bullion brands and holds the highest position in the precious metals industry. Based in Ticino, Switzerland, PAMP has been working to provide the world with fine quality gold and other precious metals since 1977. PAMP holds itself up to the highest standards regarding gold manufacturing and distribution and offers a wide choice of precious metal bars in all shapes, weights, purities and sizes.

Types of Bars Offered By PAMP

PAMP specializes in manufacturing all of the most common types of gold bars, and produces them in a wide array of formats, such as cast bars and new bars (both with and without assay cards). Though most of their smaller bars come encased in an assay card, the larger bars come with a COA and may not be encased. Below we’ll go into further detail on their complete gold bullion offering.

PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bullion

Cast bars are a favorite form of gold bullion because of their uniqueness. Unlike the machine pressed, precision cut bars of the 21st century, cast bars offer a glimpse into the past of gold bullion manufacturing. PAMP goes one step further by polishing their cast bars after the pouring process is complete, meaning that you get the same feel as you would by buying a new bar but still maintain the appearance of vintage bullion.

PAMP Suisse New Gold Bullion

One of the more widely recognized and popular types of bars that PAMP produces are the new gold bars which are cased within a plastic assay certificate. These bars are generally about the size of a credit card and are produced by PAMP in many different sizes. These bars generally will carry low premiums over the current price of gold which is perfect for investors who are looking for the lowest priced bullion on the market. Listed below are some of PAMP’s most popular offerings:

PAMP Suisse Bar Designs

PAMP is known for their way of thinking outside the box, so to say, when it comes to design. They have created some of the most widely traded and appreciated forms of gold bars on the market today. The Fortuna design is one of the most popular designs currently available with PAMP and it features a lady adorned with braided hair and jewels, flowers, and other accessories with long locks surrounding her.

PAMP has been creating unique and innovative gold designs like Fortuna for many years, which has set it apart from the rest of the gold market due to its tendency toward innovation and style. Time and time again, PAMP has led the way in the industry, and has maintained a market share of over 50% in the smaller sized gold bar market due to this.

Four Interesting PAMP Suisse Facts

  1. PAMP offers a wide variety of semi-finished precious metal products, including wire, plate, strip, and rods and supplies these materials for the jewelry and watch industries on a regular basis.
  2. PAMP creates and develops original customized commemorative coins and medals for special occasions and are used by a wide variety of institutions as their “medal” manufacturing source.
  3. PAMP is one of the most trusted names in gold bullion development and creation and is recognized by the London bullion Market Association, as well as other industry standard organizations for their high emphasis on quality and innovation.
  4. PAMP is a part of the MKS Group and operates in conjunction with MKS of Switzerland, a leading precious metals, gold, and financial services institution based in Geneva. They cover all financial and trading activities of the precious metals industry and have the best interests of traders and collectors at heart. They also provide a constant influx of information to customers interested in obtaining, trading, and storing high quality gold and precious metal bars for future generations to enjoy and profit in.

Where Can I Buy PAMP Suisse Gold Bars?

PAMP Suisse gold bars carry an immediate association with quality and creativity in the gold market industry, as well as those dealing with platinum, silver, and other precious metals. You can find PAMP Suisse gold bars readily online, including but not limited to the following sites:

One of the most commonly traded bars on the market today is the Fortuna gold bar, which comes in standard new condition within an assay. Most investors have come to know that they can trust the high quality and skill that goes into each and every PAMP Suisse gold bar they purchase.

PAMP not only invests their resources and time into developing some of the world’s best precious metals and bullion on the openly traded market today, but they also offer the following services:

  • Expert precious metals pricing and recommendations
  • Web-based tradiging applications
  • Tracking and reporting systems for your gold purchases
  • Detailed Daily market reports
  • Physical trading help and expertise
  • Unallocated Margin tradition
  • Options/Hedging Strategies
  • Location and Purity Swaps

As you can see PAMP Suisse gold bars are one of the most commonly traded brands of bullion for a reason. They are among the best when it comes to gold bullion and the manufacturing of unique items which are widely appreciated by many in the industry.