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Buying 100 Gram Gold Bars

Precious metal investment products have enjoyed a massive rebound in popularity in recent years. Gold, silver, and other types of bullion have served as currency for human civilizations for years. Though most modern economies have moved away from the gold standard, economic markets around the world have driven investors away from stocks and towards precious metals. Gold prices have spiked to all-time highs following the Great Recession. Though they have pulled back somewhat over the past two years, gold prices are still trading at well over $1,200 today.

Popularity of 100 Gram Gold Bars

The 100 gram gold bar is the world’s most popular metric-weight bar among investors. While the 1 oz gold bar remains the single most-popular bar, metric-weight bars are gaining traction in the minds of investors. Part of the popularity of the 100 gram gold bar is the list of mints producing these gold bullion products. The world’s best mints and private facilities produce 100 gram gold bars in significant quantities each year.

For investors, 100 gram gold bars are popular because, at their smaller size, they are extremely affordable. More importantly, 100 gram bars have premiums that range from 4.5% for single-bar purchases to 1.7% for bulk purchases.

Brands That Mint 100 Gram Gold Bars

PAMP Suisse and the Perth Mint are the preeminent producers of 100 gram gold bars for international markets. The company called PAMP Suisse was founded in 1977 in Ticino, Switzerland. Today, it is a dominant force in the precious metals marketplace and operates a state-of-the-art production facility that produces 100 gram bars that are recognized around the world as high-quality products.

The Perth Mint was established in Perth, Australia by the Royal Mint of London to help process gold discovered in the then-British colony of Australia. The mint has been operating since June 20, 1899. In addition to producing circulation currency for Australia and neighboring nations, it also produces a number of gold bullion products.

Why is it imperative to shop with brand names such as PAMP Suisse and Perth Mint? These facilities have pioneered some of the finest operations that produce gold bars and other bullion products that are synonymous with quality. When investors see the logo of PAMP Suisse or the Perth Mint, they know they are looking at a bullion product that has met the high-standards set forth by these companies. With more than one hundred years of experience between them, these brands offer secure purchasing, delivery, and storage of your gold bullion products.

Most Popular 100 Gram Gold Bars

100 gram gold bars that are produced by both Perth Mint and PAMP Suisse are readily available in the precious metals marketplace. There are three different PAMP Suisse gold bullion products available at 100 grams, and one popular Perth Mint offering. The specific details and design information for these bars is covered below.

100 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (Fortuna Design)

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Obverse Side Design: This bar features the infamous design of the Roman goddess Fortuna. In the image, she is blindfolded with a cornucopia of riches on her head. Her outstretched hands catch the riches as they flow forth from her head.
  • Reverse Side Design: The official PAMP Suisse logo, weight, metal content, and purity (.9999 gold) are engraved on this side. Additional engravings include the serial number and assayer’s stamp.
  • Packaging: Sealed in PAMP assay case

100 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (Cast, Poured)

  • Shape: Rectangular w/ rounded edges
  • Obverse Side Design: The 100 gram cast bar from PAMP Suisse is a poured bar with simple engravings on only one side. The engravings include the official company logo, the name “Suisse,” the weight, purity (.9999 gold), assayer’s mark, and serial number.
  • Reverse Side Design: Blank
  • Packaging: Cast bars from PAMP Suisse are available new, with assay cards included with purchase in most cases.

Cast bars from PAMP Suisse are available new, with assay card included.

100 Gram Perth Mint Gold Bar

  • Shape: Rectangular w/ rounded edges
  • Obverse Side Design: Repeating image of a jumping kangaroo
  • Reverse Side Design: Large logo for the Perth Mint and engravings for the weight, purity (.9999 gold), and metal content.
  • Packaging: Perth Mint 100 gram gold bars do not have individual serial numbers stamped on them or assayer’s marks. Bars in their original packaging come with assay cards and serial number information.

100 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (Lunar Series)

This particular series of gold bars requires more than a few bullet points to highlight its design features. PAMP Suisse launched the Lunar gold bar series in 2012 to coincide with the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. When the first bar was released in 2012 it featured an image of a dragon for the celebration of the Year of the Dragon.


On that 100 gram gold bar, PAMP Suisse went with a unique front-and-back wrap-around design that features a dragon wrapped around a tree. On the front side of the bar the dragon’s face is featured, as well as its body wrapped around the tree. On the opposite side, the reverse view of the dragon is visible.


In 2013, the mint released the 100 gram Lunar Year of the Snake gold bar. The mint again selected a front-and-back design that featured a snake wrapped around a tree. The snake’s face and body are visible on one side, while the remainder of its body is visible on the reverse side.


The 2014 100 gram gold bar celebrates the Year of the Horse. The design was similar to previous years, with a magnificent horse featured standing in front of a tree. On the reverse side of this bar, the horse’s head and flank are all that can be seen.


All PAMP Suisse 100 gram Lunar gold bars come with assay cards, individual serial numbers, and are sold and shipped from most online dealers in secure packaging. These bars do not have engravings with the PAMP Suisse logo, weight, purity, metal content, or assayer’s mark however this information is located on the assay card itself. Both sides are dedicated to the animal imagery for the respective year.

Buying 100 Gram Gold Bars Online

When purchasing 100 gram gold bars, it is important to keep in mind that bulk purchases have much lower premiums. As mentioned earlier, 100 gram bars have premiums at roughly 1.7% above market prices for bulk purchase. Single-bar purchases have premiums which are often around 4.5%. For more information about these 100 gram bars and investment options, visit for gold dealer reviews and to compare gold prices.