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Buying 2.5 Gram Gold Bars

Gold bars have become an extremely popular tool for investment in the wake of all the financial instability that has rocked world markets in recent years. While fractional and 1 oz gold bars are the most popular bars in the world, metric-weight bars are gaining popularity. The 2.5 gram gold bar is produced by a handful of mints around the globe. Unlike larger bars that are ideal among major investors, these 2.5 gram bars are a favorite of individual investors with modest financial means.

Metric-weight bars like the 2.5 gram bar are a great investment tool because consumers do not have to pay the sort of high premiums that are assessed on larger gold bars and bullion products. For example, Gold bullion coins, have much higher premiums at the same weights than metric-weight gold bars. Despite the rising popularity of 2.5 gram bars, production remains low and bars are not minted at the level of fractional and full ounce bars.

Who Makes The 2.5 Gram Gold Bar

Because it is a not so well known weight of the gold bullion bar and there is less demand compared to larger sizes, the 2.5 gram bar is fairly limited in terms of brand selection. There are only a select number of mints and refineries who produce them in this odd size. The primary producers of these types of gold bars are PAMP Suisse, Holy Land Mint, and the Istanbul Refinery.

Holy Land Mint

The Holy Land Mint was established in Israel in 1961 by Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, the nation’s first leader. In 2008, the mint was privatized and continues to pursue its goals of commemorating local social, scientific, and cultural achievements through high-quality minting of precious metals.

Istanbul Gold Refinery

The Istanbul Gold Refinery was launched in 1996 by the Turkish government’s treasury and the Istanbul Gold Exchange. Over the course of its brief history, the mint has managed to establish a name for itself in manufacturing kilobars and minted bars.

PAMP Suisse

When considering the purchase of gold bars, it is vital to work with a trusted brand. Well-known brands like PAMP Suisse use the latest technology in their minting processes to create gold bullion products that offer the highest quality. Not only does this mean your investment is safe, it also means that selling your products will be easier in the future.

With a small selection to choose from, probably the most common brand that makes the 2.5 g gold bar is the swiss based precious metals manufacturing company; PAMP Suisse. The PAMP Suisse 2.5 Gram Gold Bar can be found on most gold dealer websites.

2.5 Gram Gold Bar Products

Among the three most popular 2.5 gram gold bars, is the Fortuna design from PAMP Suisse that garners the most attention around the world. Below you’ll find the specifications and detailed design information for each of the 2.5 gram gold bars available.

2.5 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar

Pamp Suisse makes these bars and distributes them in brand new condition, sealed in mint-stamped assay card. Their version is produced in .9999 (99.99%) or 24k Gold purity. Each one of the PAMP Suisse gold bars contain an image of Fortuna; the roman goddess of fortune.

  • Obverse side design: Roman goddess Fortuna is featured with a cornucopia on her head. Vast riches are featured cascading from the cornucopia, down into her hands.
2.5 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (Front)
  • Reverse side design: Engravings bearing the name and logo of PAMP Suisse, as well as the weight, metal content, purity (.9999 gold), serial number, and stamp of the assay specialist.

Holy Land Mint 2.5 Gram Gold Bar

The Holy Land Mint product is a rectangular bar with raised edges. Its specifications can be found below:

  • Obverse side design: Dove of Peace is featured flying over the skyline of Jerusalem. The word “Jerusalem” is engraved above the dove.
  • Reverse side design: Logo of the Holy Land Mint is engraved, followed by markings for the weight, purity (.9999 gold), metal content, and serial number of the bar.

Istanbul Refinery 2.5 Gram Gold Bar

The Istanbul Gold Refinery product is a rectangular bar with smooth, raised edges.

  • Obverse side design: Repeating image of the letters “IGR,” which stand for Istanbul Gold Refinery.
  • Reverse side design: The official logo of the refinery is engraved, along with markings for the weight, metal content, purity (.9999 gold), and serial number.

How & Where To Buy 2.5 Gram Gold Bars

Most gold bullion dealers sell the 2.5 gram variation of the gold bar and they can be purchased directly online in most cases. If you aren’t into buying gold bars online, you may be able to find these at a local coin shop as well, though they tend to have a more limited selection. To learn more about buying PAMP Suisse Gold Bars online be sure to read our APMEX reviewJM Bullion reviewGainesville Coins review or Provident Metals review as these dealers offer them for sale online at reasonable prices.