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Among all of the precious metal refineries and minting companies out there, few are as recognized as the Perth Mint of Australia. It is the official mint for the Government of Australia, and is responsible for the production of all circulating coins within the country. In recent years, the Perth Mint has expanded aggressively to appeal to the bullion and collectible coins industry.

Today the Perth Mint not only makes all circulating currency for the people of Australia, but also many bullion coins, collectible coins and precious metal bars. Among the most popular offerings of their bullion products is the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar. It is one of their most inexpensive gold bars and is available to investors the world over through a network of reputable bullion dealers.

1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar Pricing

Below we have compiled a chart with a few of the best online gold dealers currently offering the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar. You can view pricing information below or check out their reviews on our Gold Bullion Dealers page.

About Perth Mint Gold Bullion

As the name suggests, the Perth Mint of Australia is located within the town of Perth. It was built over 100 years ago, originally put in place to mint the Gold Sovereign Coin which was the primary piece of circulating coinage. Prior to the Perth Mint being established, these coins were actually made at the Royal Mint in Great Britain which was very costly to both Australia and Great Britain.

Over the past century, Australia’s Perth Mint has made leaps and bounds within the precious metals industry, becoming one of the premier government mints in the world. Today the mint is focused on bullion coins, gold, silver and platinum bars and other unique collectibles. They are one of the few government mints to turn out metal bullion beyond coins today. Because each gold bar is backed by the prestigious Perth Mint, they have become very popular to those interested in gold bullion.

Perth Mint Gold Bar Design

Like most gold bars available to the public today, the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar bears very basic imagery. This helps to keep the costs down, and in turn it is able to be offered to investors at a lower premium over the current price of gold. On the front of the bar lays the official Perth Mint logo which features a swan encircled by “The Perth Mint – Australia.” Underneath this are the weight and purity of the bar. On the assay card, the logo is repeated along the top-center.

Front & Back of the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar
Front & Back of the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar

The back of the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar has an sunken, in-set kangaroo image aligned diagonally. The image is repeated many times with a gloss-like finish, complimented by a matte finish across the elevated parts of the design. On the top of the certi-card assay case, the specifications are listed. This information should include the gold content, minimum gross weight, metal fineness and bar number.

More Gold Bullion From The Perth Mint

Aside from the traditional 1 oz gold bar, The Perth Mint makes additional weights of gold bullion with the same design and certi-card assay case. All of the available Perth Mint Gold Bars feature both metric-weight and ounce bars which include:

  • 1 Gram Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 5 Gram Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 10 Gram Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 20 Gram Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 10 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar

Each of these bars are available direct from the Perth Mint as well as many online gold dealers. Most commonly, they are available in brand new condition. Purchasing used bars that do not come with the official assay card should be avoided.