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As gold prices continue to hold steady in record-high territory, investors around the globe are turning away from shaky economic markets to invest their money in more reliable markets. Gold has been a standard currency and investment tool throughout the course of human history. Today, with prices continuing to hold steady, investors are returning to precious metals as a safe place to invest their wealth. If nothing else, the strength of gold prices offers investors the opportunity to diversify investments in tangible resources.

Investors around the globe appreciate gold bars that are smaller, easier to invest smaller amounts in, and easy to transfer when liquidity is needed. For this reason, gold investors often turn to the 1 oz. gold bar. Among the more popular 1 oz. gold bars available on the precious metals market at the moment is the 1 oz. OPM gold bar. Produced and assayed in the United States, the 1 oz. OPM gold bar has quickly gained notoriety around the globe.

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A Look Into The Brand Behind The Bar

Ohio Precious Metals is the largest refiner of gold and silver bars, bullion, and other precious metal products in the United States. The company operates a 168,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in the town of Jackson, Ohio. Located in the southeastern corner of the state, near the border of West Virginia, OPM has been in business since 1974.

OPM operates its refining business in three specific areas. The refinery’s three operations include high-grade refining, bullion products, and low-grade refining. The high-grade refining process at OPM is aimed at jewelers, pawnbrokers, coin dealers, and secondary collectors and refiners. The bullion production and services division focuses on the production and storage of gold and silver bars for investors. Low-grade refining is a newer offering that focuses on the production of bullion products with lower concentrations of precious metals, as requested by clients.

OPM Gold Bar Packaging and Design

As mentioned, investors prefer to stick to lightweight gold bars in many scenarios because of its affordability compared to larger weights and the ease of liquidity. While numerous mints focus on offering a wide variety of weights, OPM focuses on its respected 1 oz. gold bar and 1 kg gold bar. The 1 oz. OPM gold bar features stamps on the front and back of the bar, as well as industry leading security features in its packaging.


On the front of every 1 oz. OPM gold bar are stamps bearing the logo of the company, company name, weight, purity, and serial number for the individual bar. Investors will find two unique features on the front of each gold bar from OPM. First, there is a QR code that can be scanned to verify the identity of the individual bar. Second, there is a “U.S.A.” stamp to verify the gold bar was produced in the US. On the reverse side of every bar, investors will see the repeating motif of the official OPM logo.


All 1 oz. OPM gold bars come packaged with an assay card to verify the quality and legitimacy of the gold bars produced at the Ohio refinery. The front of the assay card features the company name and logo, as well as the CertiCard security case logo. On the reverse, the card features the weight and purity of the bar, as well as the serial number and an additional QR code that can be scanned to verify the identity of each gold bar.

OPM Bar Security Features

OPM is known around the world for its industry-leading security features. Like many other refiners in the world, OPM uses the CertiCard security case for all of its 1 oz. gold bars. However, OPM takes security to another level. Each bar comes in a case that features blister-tamper evidence and a UV light integrity seal verification that provides customers with a sense of security that the product purchased is 100% legitimate.

Other Activities and Services Offered by OPM

OPM also mints silver bars for investors. Silver is produced in a 1 oz. bar/round, 10 oz. bar, 1 kg bar, and a 100 oz. bar. All of OPM’s gold and silver bars are certified as “good delivery” bars by the London Bullion Market Associations and the Commodity Exchange Inc. (COMEX).


Perhaps the most unique feature of OPM is its environmentally friendly approach to refining and gold bar production. All gold and silver bars from OPM are produced from recycled gold and silver. The company has been certified green by SCS, a global firm the pushes for sustainability and certifies the quality of recycled precious metals.